shadow 116

TLN: Me with a Ray
TLC: cool nicknames have to be long
CLN: cool nicknames have to be long, Fossil
EDBlackElite, Dragons33
supporters: (Unknown Translator in the Shadow) please DM me in discord or Ping me, If you had helped Me with a Ray.

Links: Shadow 116

link: not edited: shadow116 (for healthy readers)
link: not edited: shadow116 Editor edition (moar erorrs f0r Uu to fiX)
link: not edited: shadow116 with TLN’s jokes(for Sadist want see Mirae suffers)
link: not edited: shadow116 Corrupted (for people want to get their brain hurt)

Disclaimer! None of our translation team members, our servers host, our supporter, our associates and other readers are responsible for your brain damage.
You are responsible for your own Physical/Emotional/psychological Damage.
link: not edited: shadow116 more corrupted

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