11 thoughts on “Shadow 119

  1. Considering each volume is ~23 chapters, it will take nearly two years for you to finish a single volume. You really might want to consider asking if another group would like to pick up the series.

  2. I agree with mister Bracket, it’s not like I don’t like your translation but considering that this novel is popular and a lot of people love this novel, you really need to consider it because the past translator pace is fast and the readers love that. If this continues this novel’s popularity will surely drop. If you don’t want to drop this, try asking help with other translator to increase the pace. Your translation quality is great but the speed is not.

  3. I also agree with Aster.

    Not sure how we went from 1 chapter a day from the previous translator to 1 chapter 2-4 weeks for a popular series.

  4. Damn look at all these comments complaining about the speed,i get that it’s frustrating waiting for your favorited novel’s updates but please be mindful of the current translator’s thought,don’t be all pushy and stuff and wait for his explaination or something.
    Meanwhile i’m just gonna sit here waiting for updates from my other 10 tabs of web novel kek

    • That is why they just should drop it, and let others take it.

      It just need as simply a post “We will drop power in the shadow, thanks”

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