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I’m so tired, I was sick after doing two music post. Correction, I was sick doing one music post, just that I sticking (shadow reference) on and complete it. Scores took very long time to write. took care of your body, don’t be like me siting in front of PC over night doing music while having fever.

TLN: Cool nick name have to be long
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TLC’s Notes: I translated “kare” as the boy and “kanojo” as the girl. I actually wanted to translate it as boyfriend and girlfriend and the people in discord wanted honey, darling, etc.. Well two of them are sitting on the trees together…

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Secret Garden In Hollywood. Volume 1 chapter 08 George’s intentions

Secret Garden In Hollywood.
Volume 1 chapter 08
Geroge’s intentions
Author: 三千
Translator: Cool nicknames have to be long.
Edit: the same person as the translator.

How I want to quit ~~ *how depressing*
The author is a primary school >_<
Check the raw if you don’t believe me, this is the proofread version by Evag, the original version got a lot of the wrong characters. Well, the character got fixed but the grammar is still as bad.

Oh yeah, special thanks to Snow Time, the previous translator for sending me the glossary. Dam, you’re organized.

here is this months chapter
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