Shadows Volume 6 and 7

Hey guys.
As some of you have noticed, other translation groups have picked up and released their own versions of vol 6 to 8. As far as I am concerned, this is fine, since I myself am unable to do it due to college work. Xia too, just started a 12 hours 6-days-a-week job and can’t put time towards this.

Now, I’d already released the link to all the chapters of volume 6 (translated by Mr. Graverobber) in a previous post, but I think many here missed that post, so I’ll link it again at the bottom.

I’d also come across a translation of Volume 7 which was quite readable. I do not know the translator, however, I think he was the reader who was kind enough to bring this translation to our notice in one of the comments. The link to the same will be posted below.

As for future work on Shadows, if Shadows is dropped by the other groups when I’m relatively free (which will be after May), I will continue from where they dropped off. Alternatively, if translation quality is so bad that it is practically Google Translate, I might redo those chapters here again.


NOTE: Chapter 143 is not missing. Vol 7 TL-er uses the chapter numbers on Narou (The Character Introduction was marked as Chapter 1 on Narou), which is why its shown as 144. However, Chapter 144 is Chapter 143 to us, and so on.

Links :
Volume 6
Volume 7

8 thoughts on “Shadows Volume 6 and 7

  1. wow you really really work hard in translating it ☺ .. I thank you very much and am very impressed with you ???? great

    • As I mentioned in the post, we are not doing it; atleast not yet. Some other translation group seems to have started on it. Look it up on Novel Updates.

  2. i come in the right time, i was bored the whole time after reading death march kara, then i went to novel update and search a thread to similar novel like death march . i was amazed when i read the part where the manga left off (chapter 5) i do marathon right away. this series is so awesome!! thank you!!! for your hard work!!!.

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