To Be a Power in the Shadows!

To Be a Power in the Shadows!



Just like how everyone adored heroes in their childhood, a certain young man adored those powers hidden in shadows. After hiding his strength and living the mediocre life of a mob character by day while undergoing frenzied training by night, he finally reincarnates into a different world and gains ultimate power.

The young man who is only playing at being a power in the shadows, his misunderstanding subordinates, and a giant organization in the shadows that gets trampled…..

This is the story of a young boy who had adored powers in shadows possibly eventually reigning over the world of shadows in another world.

~ the translated excerpt from Syosetu

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Table of Contents

Volume 1

Chapter 1: Remaining Within the Limits of Being Human Means You Would Be Vaporized By a Nuke
Chapter 2: Bandits Are Basically Just Walking Bonus Stages
Chapter 3: Sudden Emergence of the Order of Diabolos?!
Chapter 4: If Only He Had Hair……
Chapter 5: Real Member of the Order, and Real Person of the Curse
Chapter 6: Your Drug Test Result is ‘Positive’
Chapter 7: A Simple Fighting Lesson, Power in Shadows Style (With Only This Much, You Are Also a Power in the Shadows?!)
Chapter 8: Powers in the Shadows are Lonely
Chapter 9: The Frolicking of Those Who Know Nothing of the World of Shadows
Chapter 10: Apparently He Discovered Her Secret And Is Blackmailing Her……
Chapter 11: Conflict is Entertaining When You Are Uninvolved
Chapter 12: Hi, My Name Is Pochi! Nice to Meet You, Everyone!
Chapter 13: Incidentally, I’m In the Zenon Faction
Chapter 14: It Would Take Serious Effort To Make Me Truly Flip Out
Chapter 15: Oh Wow, What a Wonderful Idea (In a Monotone Voice)
Chapter 16: Currently Writing the Complete Version of ‘The War Chronicles of Shadow-sama’
Chapter 17: Fragment of Diabolos! Squish!
Chapter 18: Keep Watching from Below the Stage
Chapter 19: Far Off Memory
Chapter 20: “I AM……”
Chapter 21: [Urgent Question] The Way to Dispose of a Dead Body on Campus [Anon]

Volume 2

Chapter 22: That Which Anyone Would Overlook
Chapter 23: Otherworld General Trading Company Mitsugoshi Co.
Chapter 24: 7 Girls and 1 Guy. Obviously Someone’s Going to Be Left Out
Chapter 25: Respite in an Alleyway
Chapter 26: Ugh, My Head……
Chapter 27: High Heels & One Piece & White Legs
Chapter 28: Otherworld-Style Valentine’s Day
Chapter 29: A Mob Can Tell
Chapter 30: ___ Bastard
Chapter 31: Can You Keep Up With Me?
Chapter 32: The Undying Magic Swordsman
Chapter 33: What Every Boy in the Universe Dreams Of
Chapter 34: There Are Times When A Mob Has to Act
Chapter 35: The Romance of Looking Down From a Rooftop
Chapter 36: Relieved That It’s More Decent Than Expected
Chapter 37: The Course of an Advanced Psychological Battle
Chapter 38: Lending Just a Tiny Bit of Help
Chapter 39: Wanting to Live for Just One More Day
Chapter 40: That Which is Truly Important
Chapter 41: Arrival of the Summer Rain

Volume 3

Chapter 42: Proposing the Leech-style Mob Life
Chapter 43: That Thing That’s As Enigmatic as Wooden Swords At Tourist Spots
Chapter 44: Holy Sword Excalibur
Chapter 45: Plan A Has Failed, Shift to Plan B
Chapter 46: A Woman Who Seems Shady and A Woman Who Seems Cheap and A Woman Who Seems Blissful
Chapter 47: The Theory That When a Bomb Goes Off It Can Erase Everything Else That Had Happened
Chapter 48: Please Believe That There Really Are Times When Those Who Have No Intention of Looking Still End up Seeing
Chapter 49: Those That Don’t Understand Are Boring
Chapter 50: The Heroine Who Directed and Acted in Her Own Production
Chapter 51: The Birth of ‘Precise’
Chapter 52: The Truth Within Memories
Chapter 53: The Escape Plan of a Fragile, Dainty Girl
Chapter 54: Gratz for Taking First Place in the ‘Humans Who Can’t Use Magic’ Tournament
Chapter 55: Just Look at What You Want to Look At Then
Chapter 56: Genes, Age, or Stress?
Chapter 57: Everything Is Within His Expectations
Chapter 58: That Which Can Only Be Drawn By the Chosen
Chapter 59: Inescapable Attack
Chapter 60: Puzzle Piece

Volume 4

Chapter 61: The Girl and the Sound of Rain
Chapter 62: I Am a Man Who Rides the Waves
Chapter 63: The Mysterious Young Swordsman Jimina
Chapter 64: Spartan Hazing From a Festival Regular!
Chapter 65: No Need to Rush, Youngster, For Life is Long
Chapter 66: The Harmless Poyoyon and Mole
Chapter 67: Sure-Win Golden Dragon’s Sure-Win Formula
Chapter 68: The Match Where The Stronger One Gets All the Attention
Chapter 69: Evil ** Kill ** Dragon!!
Chapter 70: In Expectation of This Happening
Chapter 71: Beta’s Job
Chapter 72: A Power in the Shadows Playing Under the Moonlight
Chapter 73: The Girl Who Dreams a Dream and the Boy Who Walks a Dream
Chapter 74: The Single Ray of Light Shining Into the Darkness
Chapter 75: The Girls’ Paths, and His Decision
Chapter 76: The Basics of Human Relationships Is Abandonment Play
Chapter 77: And Who Are You
Chapter 78: What Always Ends up Happening from Stopping at the Last Instant
Chapter 79: I’ve Won! (Assured)
Chapter 80: Exactly Who Are You?
Chapter 81: Breakfast at the Special Seating NAO
Chapter 82: The Smelly Man is Part of the Plan
Chapter 83: From A Far Away Height……
Chapter 84: Final Duty
Chapter 85: Mysterious Masked Swordsman Slayer, At Your Service!!
Chapter 86: Summit of the Path of the Sword
Chapter 87: Your Real Enemy
Chapter 88: Ashes of a Dream

Volume 5

Chapter 89: Being Gatekeeper A is Great!
Chapter 90: It’s Already Completely Healed
Chapter 91: What Belongs to Bandits Also Belongs to Me
Chapter 92: Two Loser (Dogs) and a Watchdog
Chapter 93: Shockingly Huge Bargain Sale, Only in Outlaw City!!
Chapter 94: Stop Throbbing……
Chapter 95: From Mob Escape to Mob Revenge
Chapter 96: For the Sake of This Day, I Have Prepared This… Hole!!
Chapter 97: Rampage…… The Streets are…… Blood…… Run……
Chapter 98: Tough Lady
Chapter 99: The Three Currents
Chapter 100: War of Monsters
Chapter 101: The Rumored Shadow Garden
Chapter 102: Two Lasses
Chapter 103: What are you doi-?!
Chapter 104: Don’t You Dare Steal My Role, Girl
Chapter 105: The Man Who Was Too Early
Chapter 106: What Do YOU Understand About This Pain?! (Blood Pressure)
Chapter 107: Her Duty
Chapter 108: Overwhelmingly Terrible at Explanations
Chapter 109: The Queen of Blood
Chapter 110: Her Master
Chapter 111: Mission Complete
Chapter 112: There’s No Helping It When the Left Hand Begins to Ache

Volume 6

Chapter 113: Kyaaa! Not so rough! (ElyssiaMC)
Chapter 114: Super elite agent, that person is…         (not edited version here)
Chapter 115: The world is whispering to me (not edited)
Chapter 116: Do you really think so? (not edited)     (With TLN’s comments)
Chapter 117: Booking making special (not edited)
Chapter 118:  Golden retriever (not edited)
Chapter 119: Olé​, It’s Olé​!!
Chapter 120: Blind Big Wolf
Chapter 121: Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish!!
Chapter 122: The Malaise of Mitsugoshi
Chapter 123: Sample
Chapter 124: The Power of a Super Elite Agent
Chapter 125: The First To Notice The Change
Chapter 126: Don’t Get In The Way
Chapter 127: Black Jaguar (not edited)
Chapter 128: The Supreme Code (not edited)
Chapter 129: It’s All That Fool’s Fault
Chapter 130: Goodbye, John Smith
Chapter 131: His Back
Chapter 132: Finally, This Day Has Come
Chapter 133: Yukime and Gettan (not edited)