No-Index and robots text on every page

What are No-index and robots text

No-index is a line on the meta of the site, which tells search engines such as Google to not to index the site. However, it’s up to the search engine to respect it or ignores it.

Robots text or robots.txt is basically this files on our site. It’s basically telling bots crawlers to not to crawl on our sites. Of course, this is also up to them to respect it or ignores it.

Why this matters

Basically you will not be able to find our sites though search engines anymore.

Why are we doing this

We are rising in search ranks on many of the search indexes, while this is something to be joy at for most of the websites especially those who profit from ads streams.
But for us it’s something not so good, There are increasing numbers of scams selling dr█gs, selling insurance, car loans and some even advertise their SEO tools (what make them think that we will buy their tools if they spam on our page lol)
It might be inconvenient for a lot of readers who check our site from search engines frequently, my self included. But it comes with the benefits of more privacy, less risk of getting DDOSed by compactor translation groups.

Some other changes that might come

As we know, our sites practice speech rights, everyone is welcome to share their views. That including reading the awful comments of dropping the translation and criticisms. (but as long as you don’t post the same message multiple time under the same chapters)
Without the needs to even fill in nicknames, emails or even registers as users, we are getting bots spamming the comment session with links that contain malicious contents/scams. Roughly 8 times more than the comments you are reading now under the chapters. All of those are filtered by us manually, as our privacy policy of not disclosing information to 3rd party sites or service such as Akismet. We expect things to get worse and should things get worse we might put in captchas, well I know everyone hates doing math questions, reading pictures, typing numbers, highlighting the block of objects. But I’ll arrange something that is suitable for everyone.

Shadow 127

TL: Mr.Graverobber
TLC: Vercingetorix
Edit: Dragon33

A few readers complained about mistakes in the grammar etc. breaking their immersion. I will continue posting chapters as soon I finish checking them for translation errors, however, they will be marked ‘Unedited’, both in the post and the chapter itself. Our editor, Dragon33, will edit and make corrections whenever he has time, and we’ll remove the ‘unedited’ mark when he’s done with a chapter. If grammatical errors spoil the reading experience for you, then I suggest you wait until he’s done with each chapter to read it. You guys can also help expedite this process by pointing out mistakes to us in the comments.

Link: here
links: unedited

Shadow 126 (Unedited)

TL: Mr.Graverobber
TLC: Vercingetorix

A few days back, Mr.Graverobber commented on one of the chapters released and mentioned that he’d already translated all the way up until the end of this arc (chapter 142). My main motivation to start translating Shadows was to increase the release rate, so I asked him to release the chapters (either here, or on his own website) so that I can go ahead to the next arc. He was kind enough to send over all the chapters he translated. So, until c143, all chapters released were translated by him. We’ll still need to check the translation and edit it where needed, so don’t expect a mass dump of chapters. That being said, the release rate will probably pick up a bit.

Link: here