Shadow 127

TL: Mr.Graverobber
TLC: Vercingetorix
Edit: Dragon33

A few readers complained about mistakes in the grammar etc. breaking their immersion. I will continue posting chapters as soon I finish checking them for translation errors, however, they will be marked ‘Unedited’, both in the post and the chapter itself. Our editor, Dragon33, will edit and make corrections whenever he has time, and we’ll remove the ‘unedited’ mark when he’s done with a chapter. If grammatical errors spoil the reading experience for you, then I suggest you wait until he’s done with each chapter to read it. You guys can also help expedite this process by pointing out mistakes to us in the comments.

Link: here
links: unedited

2 thoughts on “Shadow 127

  1. Do you have discord server?I can help with editing,english is not my native language,but I’ve learned english to some extent

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