Shadows vol 6 all chapters (Not checked or edited)

Hey guys.
So college has been busting my ass and I really am not able to find much time to go over the translations. There were suggestions in the comments asking to release the chapters as they are, given that the translation is already done (by Mr.Graverobber).

I’m gonna take up that suggestion and will be posting a link to the chapters for those who wish to read them as is. Frankly, this arc has been a bit boring for me (Curse you, Yukime), and that has affected my pace as well. I will still be checking and releasing chapters at slower rate (maybe once or twice a week) till the end of this arc.


Link: here

15 thoughts on “Shadows vol 6 all chapters (Not checked or edited)

  1. Thank for all Your a hard Work!
    Part doesn’t know how to feel about Yukihime but I hope she makes another appearance. I’m also curious to see how Rose will developed.
    Anyway make sure you take brakes for college and free time

  2. Thanks to you and to the translator.
    Honnestly, it’s good enought i don’t understantd why you want to rework them even more if you don’t like this arc

  3. Well, Yukime arc is kinda boring because it heavily cover about Yukime’s past and the economy, however I love the conclusion.

    I hope your motivation will be return in the next arc.

  4. Thx for this. Even the unedited version is better than MTL… and I don’t blame you for yukime sapping your motivation. She is sapping my motivation to read it…. XD

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