The team,

Main teams.

people who are helping out actively and producing chapters

 Cool Nickname Have to be Long,


 Finn Skiler










Past Active Main Teams. 





Supportive Helpers.

Awesome people that help us when we are facing difficulties. be it Translation, Editing or Proofreads. ( hosting us the sites

Tenshi sensei ( translator

krrizis ( translator

Kenar ( translator in Yado inn

Ozys (active discord members) miscellaneous

Fossil (active discord members) miscellaneous




Discord group

2 thoughts on “The team,

  1. I don’t mean to intrude on your site I love the the power in the shadows book series. To read ahead of your translations I google translated it than mentally did gymnastics to get a decent understanding of the lager picture of what happened in the chapters. I noticed that I could take some extra time typing out what I could interpret about the chapters. I am in no way that accurate but I know that is must be annoying listening to people complain about your speed. if u are willing to post my website in upcoming chapter release it could decrease the number of annoying ungrateful reader. I am in no way going to pick up actually translating the book for u guys because I KNOW that my interpretations are just that interpretations and is inaccurate so I would like to read the real deal from u guys.

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