shadow 133 (Unedited)

TLN: Mr. Graverobber
TLC: Cool nicknames got to be long
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Note: My non-edited chapters are unlike Vercingetorix’s non-edited chapters, I will not upload to NU till the chapters until it gets Edited. Brain damages are incurable.

Shadow 126 (Unedited)

TL: Mr.Graverobber
TLC: Vercingetorix

A few days back, Mr.Graverobber commented on one of the chapters released and mentioned that he’d already translated all the way up until the end of this arc (chapter 142). My main motivation to start translating Shadows was to increase the release rate, so I asked him to release the chapters (either here, or on his own website) so that I can go ahead to the next arc. He was kind enough to send over all the chapters he translated. So, until c143, all chapters released were translated by him. We’ll still need to check the translation and edit it where needed, so don’t expect a mass dump of chapters. That being said, the release rate will probably pick up a bit.

Link: here

Shadow 120

TLN: coolnicknameshavetobelong
ED: Dragon33
Support: Ozys, krrizis
Thanks to EOserv for hosting the chapter when our site is down.

Server connection issues have to be fix, before I really get pissed off about people asking us to drop the chapter, We are an open group, basically we allow anyone to join our Translation team. It’s fine even it’s just helping out one or two words like Krrizis sensei aways helping us with last few lines that we have problems.
When we say there ain’t any translator means that there ain’t any translators.

Links: Shadow 120

shadow 114

I’ll post Non-Edited Version on this sites. Read it at your own risk, I’ll update the non-edited chapter when my proofread finish it, well by saying non-edited chapters I actually edited some by my self, but I’ll likely replace my mistakes with another mistake.

I think is safer than with their TOS regarding personal information collection. But just keep in mind, this is not an HTTPS webpage,  which means the traffic is NOT ENCRYPTED.

I’ll post a copy of the edited vision onto ElssiaMC when it arrives. So people who dislike/unable to access HTTP webpage also gets to read it.
Also in case the server down or something happens to this pages.
I will not share this page, but you’re allowed to share it your friends.
well, if I share people will be less hyped about the edited version and the editor will be less motivated to work.

TL: Xiazixin
ED: BlackElite(orginal edited version), Dragons33(re-edited)
supporters: krrizis,

Link: shadow 114(re-edited)

link: Edited: shadowing 114
link: non-edited: shadowing 114

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