10 thoughts on “Shadow 123

  1. It would be considered as poaching according to NU so no. They just released 3 chaps so let’s hope they keep up the pace.

    • Well, if you’ve already done the next arc, and the translation quality is decent, I’d say release it. Since if that’s the case, me translating the same chapters again would just be wasted time and effort, and I can continue translating the story from where you stopped.

  2. I could send you my translation from ch.113 to ch. 142 to your email on Friday (I’m currently on vacation haha) if you want. You can edit it to suit your translation and release it later.

  3. Okay, I sent the translated chapter to your e-mail.

    Goodluck with the translation. I am looking forward to the 7th arc.

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