Shadow 120

TLN: coolnicknameshavetobelong
ED: Dragon33
Support: Ozys, krrizis
Thanks to EOserv for hosting the chapter when our site is down.

Server connection issues have to be fix, before I really get pissed off about people asking us to drop the chapter, We are an open group, basically we allow anyone to join our Translation team. It’s fine even it’s just helping out one or two words like Krrizis sensei aways helping us with last few lines that we have problems.
When we say there ain’t any translator means that there ain’t any translators.

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13 thoughts on “Shadow 120

  1. Not all of us is telling you to drop the series. Some of us (including me) think that you should try asking help to some translators who wants to translate this novel. Well, dropping this is certainly a choice but the only problem with you is the pace. With the current pace it will take nearly or even 2 years to complete an arc/volume (whatever you guys want to call it) that’s the main reason why most of the readers wants you to drop this series. Anyway thank you for the update~

    If I just have my laptop right now I’ll help you guys but sadly I don’t have enough money to buy a new one. A Normal student’s life part one, [I’m Broke].

  2. asking for help from other translation is different than open the series to public for anyone to pick up. Many translator already have their own groups (including their own website), so it will be difficult (if not impossible) to ask a free contribution from a well established translation group.

    opening the series to public means you are relieving your right of translation to public and anyone from any translation groups can pick it up without any hassle (contacting you, negotiating, etc etc) even if you are still translating it.

    if you are still stubborn to say that you are an open group, and have already asked the community but no help is coming, etc…but still not opening it to public, well duh…there wont be any translator will translate this except if there is any new translator without his own group.

    well i am grateful for the hardwork and im in position of doesnt care with current pace, or if you drop it, or if you still translate it while open this series to public (and while waiting another group picking it up). i only say this because i think your logic is flawed.

    it is your choice whether still hang on this pace and face a lot negative comments, or drop it and end the fuss, or open this series to public (it is the same with dropping it though, the different is only you are still translating it while waiting another group pick the serries)

  3. What a hypocrite. So you were saying you are OPEN to anyone WILLINGLY translate in YOUR website for free or whatever cost you please?
    Dude that’s the most selfish request I’ve ever seen from a guy, second to that ████████████ translation that left bad reps for translators.
    Please stop avoiding the fact you are hording yourself this popular novel and deliberately slowing the release just because of your own selfishness.

    • The website isn’t my lol, there is no ads revenues. No payment/donation, so ain’t I a Saint that work for free without seeking anything return other than the community taking a few lines of translation for me but only to receive your mean comments.

      And please don’t bring in complains from other groups, It’s really rude to trash talk other group in another groups sites. I’ll censor the part.

  4. Just ignore that retard, he probably think jap WN or LN is easy to translate and anybody can pick it up like chinese. Thanks for picking up this novel, continue the great work.

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