shadow 114

I’ll post Non-Edited Version on this sites. Read it at your own risk, I’ll update the non-edited chapter when my proofread finish it, well by saying non-edited chapters I actually edited some by my self, but I’ll likely replace my mistakes with another mistake.

I think is safer than with their TOS regarding personal information collection. But just keep in mind, this is not an HTTPS webpage,  which means the traffic is NOT ENCRYPTED.

I’ll post a copy of the edited vision onto ElssiaMC when it arrives. So people who dislike/unable to access HTTP webpage also gets to read it.
Also in case the server down or something happens to this pages.
I will not share this page, but you’re allowed to share it your friends.
well, if I share people will be less hyped about the edited version and the editor will be less motivated to work.

TL: Xiazixin
ED: BlackElite(orginal edited version), Dragons33(re-edited)
supporters: krrizis,

Link: shadow 114(re-edited)

link: Edited: shadowing 114
link: non-edited: shadowing 114

somehow all the links are dead for some reason

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