Shadow 126 (Unedited)

TL: Mr.Graverobber
TLC: Vercingetorix

A few days back, Mr.Graverobber commented on one of the chapters released and mentioned that he’d already translated all the way up until the end of this arc (chapter 142). My main motivation to start translating Shadows was to increase the release rate, so I asked him to release the chapters (either here, or on his own website) so that I can go ahead to the next arc. He was kind enough to send over all the chapters he translated. So, until c143, all chapters released were translated by him. We’ll still need to check the translation and edit it where needed, so don’t expect a mass dump of chapters. That being said, the release rate will probably pick up a bit.

Link: here

16 thoughts on “Shadow 126 (Unedited)

  1. Hey, from a random reader here. You should find a proper proofreader to correct your mistakes. As a matter of fact, you can’t mix past and present tense (which you do a lot) randomly. It’s really immersion breaking for us, and you also can’t forget pronouns (you sometimes just translate the sentences as they are written in the raws, but translation isn’t just a matter of transcripting, it’s also knowing how to make it easier to read for your readers). Hopefully you’ll take my advice into consideration, I can’t really read something so messy, and don’t take that as a toxic comment, I’m just giving you my heartfelt feelings.

    • If only I could, Just look at Girls frontline, the grammar mistake from this is much better. well, normally there would be 2 editors for 1 chapter, that’s the norm, but Editor’s job is tedious and boring. It sometimes even make you question your own language. I also much like to have editors work on every chapter for every series, as it makes the sentence flow by it selfs.
      I do feel sympathy as I am in the same group, but I also think that we could do a better job, I’ll look through it when I had the time.

    • Gotta agree with that. When I tried to read the unedited version I translated it was barely engrish.
      It was really a hard job to try and find an equivalent word in two language that also give the same feeling as the original.
      But from what I read so far the TLer and editor here definitely have a wide array of vocabulary (wider than me at least lol.) So, I believed that they can bring us a satisfactory result in the end.

      Well then, time for me to head back and play Warframe hahaha.

    • Hey there, JetonS.
      I agree that there are probably quite a few issues with the grammar that I’m missing. And I’m also sorry to hear that it’s breaking the immersion.
      Here’s the thing- I can only translate at this rate till the first week of April. After that, I’ve exams to deal with. Which is why I wanna get this arc over with and move on over to the next one as soon as possible. While our editor (Dragon33) catches a lot of my mistakes, he does have work and other things to deal with, and can only work on a chapter every 2-3 days.
      So here’s what we’re gonna do- I’ll continue checking the translation and posting them. However, I’ll mark these chapters as unedited in the post. When our editor has gone through it, he’ll remove that. You’ll have to settle for a slower pace to maintain your immersion.
      If there are still issues even after that, then either you’ll have to point it out for us to correct, or you’ll have to put up with it.

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