shadow 117

TLN: Me with a Ray
TLC: cool nicknames have to be long
ED: Dragons33
supporters: (Unknown Translator in the Shadow) please DM me in discord or Ping me, If you had helped Me with a Ray.

TLC’s Notes: I translated “kare” as the boy and “kanojo” as the girl. I actually wanted to translate it as boyfriend and girlfriend and the people in discord wanted honey, darling, etc.. Well two of them are sitting on the trees together…

Link: shadow 117

Non-Edited Links: shadowing 117

Oh yeah, we are looking for sponsors who are willing to let us host a discord bot remotely. A single core around the processor speed of raspberry pi will do. We won’t use it for malicious activity. At most, we will use about 3 to 4GB of hard disk space.
We will credit you in the bot and on our sites.
Please drop me an Email if you are willing to offer the hosting. [email protected]

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    • It there a way to change the Email? there is aways the message of sending approval or some thing, but I don’t seems to receives it. I check every part of my in box.

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