Secret Garden In Hollywood. Volume 1 chapter 07 troubled

Secret Garden In Hollywood.
Volume 1 chapter 07
Author: 三千
Translator: Cool nicknames have to be long.
Edit: the same person as the translator.

the yuri garden in Hollywood, this chapter took me 3 days, it’s hell, it lasted longer than I thought, 3600 characters in raw.
I don’t want to touch it again Q.Q yeah, it’s painful. but it’s still in my native language. The author’s writing is sh*ts but I hope my translation is up to standards.

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7 thoughts on “Secret Garden In Hollywood. Volume 1 chapter 07 troubled

  1. in fact, it is not necessary to translate each word, just put 好莱坞 的 秘密 花园, then choose the option where the google translator is better, then to each chapter copy and paste in word, even if they are half ugly, if they are very understandable, what is only a question of repairing the syntax and some words. It’s much faster so (So I read it raw about 2 years ago) I recommend it, it’s very good. (At least it is 800 chapters and not 2000 or 4000 as martial god asura)

    • too bad, we do quality over quantity. Since we are doing non-profits making translations, we don’t need that many views or clicks. And Pretty sure I don’t do MTL when the raw is in my native language. Just that English is a problem and the fact that I’m not used to the writing of the author, Snowtime said it’s from written by a Cantonese writer. Well, either I suck or I’m not used to it.

      I’ll touch another chapter next month or so… I dug too many holes for my self too.

      • I see.
        Well, I got surprised when I saw that there’s a new update.
        Having an editor will smooth the English if you aren’t that used to it.
        Well, thanks for the chapter!

  2. Let me say this on behalf of everyone out there who can’t comment for various reasons, DUDE! THE FACT THAT YOU ACTUALLY BOTHER TO TRANSLATE IT FOU OUR SAKE IS ALREADY VERY MUCH APPRECIATED.

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