Shadow 126 (Unedited)

TL: Mr.Graverobber
TLC: Vercingetorix

A few days back, Mr.Graverobber commented on one of the chapters released and mentioned that he’d already translated all the way up until the end of this arc (chapter 142). My main motivation to start translating Shadows was to increase the release rate, so I asked him to release the chapters (either here, or on his own website) so that I can go ahead to the next arc. He was kind enough to send over all the chapters he translated. So, until c143, all chapters released were translated by him. We’ll still need to check the translation and edit it where needed, so don’t expect a mass dump of chapters. That being said, the release rate will probably pick up a bit.

Link: here

Shadow 118

I’m so tired, I was sick after doing two music post. Correction, I was sick doing one music post, just that I sticking (shadow reference) on and complete it. Scores took very long time to write. took care of your body, don’t be like me siting in front of PC over night doing music while having fever.

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